history of T-shirts  "from war to wardrobe"

history of T-shirts "from war to wardrobe"

You all might think that T-shirts are just a matter of recent past. But, but, but you all are mistaken here. T-shirts have got their own evolution story.

Previously, T-shirts were only worn as the undershirts. The earliest T-shirts date back to the year of war in 1913, when U.S. navy began issuing them as undershirts. After World War 2 it was so commonly worn with trousers by war veterans.

In 1920 the T-shirt was included in the English dictionary and by 1950 it was ruling the wardrobes of every common man. So from war to wardrobes T-shirts have gone through a tremendous journey.

Therefore, you don’t merely wear a T-shirt only, you wear a history.